Logo, Greater Blessed Hope Baptist Church

The Miraculous Story of Our Church

Several years ago, approximately 61 members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church pioneered to form a new congregation. When we made this decision, we knew two things for sure. First, we knew that we would be blessed wherever we went. Secondly, we knew that, through faith, we could make it a successful transition with the help of the Lord. Thus, the idea and name for Blessed Hope Baptist Church was born.


Stepping out on Faith

Under God's chosen and anointed servant, Rev. Waymon S. Jordan, Sr., we began holding praise and worship inside the Western Union School Auditorium. After just two Sundays, God answered our prayers, gave us favor, and touched the heart of Mr. Melvin Torrence, who allowed us to use his church for our gospel services.


Above All, God Is Able

Before long, our ministry began to take flight. We had many blessed people join our congregation and restore their faith in our church. We used a baptismal pool at one of our sister churches where we often baptized 10 or more members at a time.

Taking a Bigger Leap

God granted us favor once again when we purchased our current property at 3607 Andrew Jackson Drive. However, this newfound blessing didn't come without its share of labor. There was a lot of hard work that needed to be done before the first sermon in our new church could occur. This included building up lowland, removing bad soil, and carting in good soil.

The Moment Arrives

Finally, in September of 2000, we triumphantly broke the ground of our new home. In spite of the tears we shed, the tests we faced, and the loved ones we lost along the way, we never lost our hope, joy, or faith. Most of all, we never lost our praise. This was truly our secret.


Stronger Than Ever through His Power

More than 15 years later, we are still one big family who is thriving on the powers of unity, love, prayer, praise, fellowship, and the Word of God. We certainly thank God for all of the special blessings He has bestowed upon us through the years. We are forever grateful unto Him for blessing us with all of this.

Unbreakable Faith

Throughout the years, we have had to bear many burdens. However, our faith is not shaken because we truly believe in the promises of God. We never stop praying or praising, because we always know how truly blessed we are.

Of course, we have had ups and downs, but all we have to do is look at where the Lord has taken us. We still have hope, because we know that if we continue to send our praises to God, He will send His blessing down upon us. We thank God for our history and invite you to come and see what the Lord can accomplish for you!